Dennis Lowther Award

Student Award


The Dennis Lowther Award recognises a student member of the society who has demonstrated outstanding research contributions and communication.

This award is named after Dennis Lowther who established the connective tissue research group at Monash University in the 1960s and developed a strong graduate teaching program and student mentorship.

Eligibility requirements

This award is open to applicants who:

  • are a financial student member of MBSANZ

  • register for the society conference and submit an abstract for a poster presentation

Application Requirements

Applicants for this award apply at the time of submitting an abstract for a poster presentation at a society meeting by providing:

  • verification of their status as a student at a higher education institution 

  • abstract submitted to the society conference for a poster presentation


Award review committee

Finalists are invited to give a poster presentation at the society conference. The award is determined by the selection committee chaired by the President and based on the poster presentation delivered at the society conference.

Public Speaker

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2021 Awardees

The Dennis Lowther Award for 2021 was jointly won by Martina Gyimesi (Queensland University of Technology) and Michael Papanicolaou (Garvan Institute of Medical Research).

Martina completed her Honours thesis in 2021 where she worked on markers of memory decline associated with Alzheimer's disease under the supervision of Larisa Haupt. Her presentation at the 2021 meeting was entitled: 'The SORL1 variant rs578506 significantly affects verbal and visual learning scores in a healthy cohort'.

Michael is a PhD student working with A/Prof Tom Cox researching how cancer associated fibroblasts extracellular matrix influences mammary tumour progression and metastasis. His presentation at the meeting in 2021 was entitled: 'Cancer-associated fibroblast secreted collagen XII shapes the breast cancer microenvironment to drive metastatic dissemination’.

Previous Awardees

2021   Martina Gyimesi  QUT    Michael Papanocolaou  Garvan Institute of Medical Research 
2020   Thomas Molley  UNSW Sydney    Shona Ritchie  Garvan Institute of Medical Research 
2018    Richard Wang  University of Sydney
2016     Sunderajhan Sekar  Queensland University of Technology
2015     Claire Vennin  Kinghorn Cancer Center Sydney
2014     Adam Piers  Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2013     Adrian Kaczmarek  University of Adelaide
2011      Izza Tan  University of Adelaide
2010     Leona Tooley  Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2009   Chantell McIntyre  University of Adelaide, SA Pathology
2008   Else Jacobson  North Shore Hospital
2007    Wilson Chan  University of Hong Kong
2006   Rishika Pace Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2005   Rena Hirani  University of Adelaide   Biana Barnado  Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2004   Tom Samiric  La Trobe University
2003   Justin Allen  Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2002   Jessica Faggian  Murdoch Children's Research Institute