Bob Fraser Award

New Investigator Award


The Bob Fraser Award recognises an emerging early/mid career researcher in the matrix biology field who has demonstrated outstanding research contributions and leadership potential.

Eligibility requirements

This award is open to applicants who:

  • have been a financial member of MBSANZ for more than 1 year prior to application

  • have no more than 10 years post-doctoral experience taking into account career disruption

  • register for the society conference and submit an abstract for an oral presentation

Application Requirements

Applicants for this award apply at the time of submitting an abstract for an oral presentation at a society meeting by providing:

  • verification of the date of conferral of their PhD

  • details of any career disruption

  • brief CV (maximum 3 pages) including education, main field of professional activity and a list of publications

  • abstract submitted to the society conference for an oral presentation


Award review committee

Finalists are invited to give an oral presentation at the society conference. The award is determined by the selection committee chaired by the President and based on the oral presentation delivered at the society conference.

Presenting an Award

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2020 Awardee

Dr. Jiao Jiao Li was the winner of the 2020 Bob Fraser New Investigator Award for her presentation entitled ‘Interactions of stem cells in an in vitro model of an osteoarthritic joint’.

Dr. Li is researching regenerative medicine approaches to treat chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis and bone loss. She has particular interest in developing stem cell-based therapeutics, as well as biomaterials for tissue engineering.

Previous Awardees

2020   Jiao Jiao Li  UTS Sydney
2018    Brooke Farrugia  UNSW Sydney
2016     Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina UNSW Sydney  Yu Suk Choi  University of Western Australia
2015     Chris Turner University of South Australia
2014     Giselle Yeo  University of Sydney
2013     Cindy Shu   University of Sydney   Ainslie Derrick-Roberts  SA Pathology
2012     Dan McCulloch  Deakin University   Miriam Jackson  University of Sydney
2011      Dada Pisconti  University of Colorado at Boulder
2010    Trevor Cameron  Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2009    Julie Nigro  CSIRO
2008   Megan Lord  UNSW Sydney
2007    Ian Smyth  Monash University
2006   Justin Allen  Murdoch Children's Research Institute
2005   Jason White  University of Melbourne

Jiao Jiao Li

UTS, Sydney


Chris Turner

University of South Australia


Miriam Jackson

University of Sydney


Julie Nigro



Jason White

University of Melbourne


Brooke Farrugia

UNSW Sydney


Giselle Yeo

University of Sydney


Dan McCulloch

Deakin University


Megan Lord

UNSW Sydney


Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina

UNSW Sydney


Cindy Shu

Kolling Institute for Medical Research


Dada Pisconti

University of Colorado at Boulder


Ian Smyth

Monash University


Yu Suk Choi

University of Western Australia


Ainslie Derrick-Roberts

South Australia Pathology


Trevor Cameron

Murdoch Children's Research Institute


Justin Allen

Murdoch Children's Research Institute