2016 Annual Meeting, 20 - 23 November

The tranquil setting of the Liz Kernohan Conference Centre at the University of Sydney Camden Campus is the location for the retreat-style conference planned for MBSANZ 2016.

Outstanding international and national speakers will explore exciting topics of significance to health and disease where the extracellular matrix and matrix biology play critical roles, such as:
  • Fibrosis - Raghu Kalluri (University of Texas)
  • Pain - Anne-Marie Malfait (Rush University)
  • Neural development and plasticity – Roger Pocock (Monash University)
  • Glycomics - Jerry Turnbull (University of Liverpool)

Plus a host of other matrix-related themes including genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, invasion and metastasis, and tissue engineering.

Please visit the conference website for more information about the scientific program, registration, abstract submission and accommodation. To download a copy of the conference flyer please click here for a copy to jog your memory and to send to colleagues.

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